Selling to the C-Suite


C-Suite execs are besieged and time-pressured.  Survival depends on a ready no.   But if you go in on their terms, not yours, they’re fair game.  Six tips for getting in the door:

  1. Selling to the C-Suite is a 2-way conversation, where the prospect does 70 percent of the talking.  It’s NOT marketing – one-way communications designed to foster Interest in your service or product.
  2. It’s letting prospect talk themselves into buying your offering, while you direct the conversation with well-chosen questions. It’s NOT a capabilities presentation.
  3. You help people better understand their needs and the urgency to do something about them. It’s about THEIR point of pain, NOT the value of your company or your offering.
  4. You connect with your prospects by being relevant to their interests and concerns. You do NOT use corporate marketing messages about what you are, what you sell or what differentiates you from competitors.
  5. You always start by creating curiosity about a pain point and how to solve it – never by explaining anything.
  6. You come right to the point knowing that brevity matters to your prospect. What’s the problem?  What’s the solution?  You NEVER waste time with idle chitchat – weather, traffic, etc.

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