Newspapers are Dead – Long Live Journalism!

By Eleanor Haas

"Google isn’t stealing content from newspapers and other media
companies. It’s stealing their control over distribution, which has
always been the engine of profits in media. Google makes more money
than any other media company on the web because it has near monopoly
control over content distribution (i.e. like a metro newspaper in the
pre web era)." (Publishing 2.0 )

Seeing this story was an aha moment.  Journalist friends bemoan the end of journalism as they and we have known it.  But what's over isn't journalism; it's the old business models.  Oh, yes, and any monopoly professional journalists  may once have had over content creation.  It's a brave new world based on the same old principles:  quality content desired by readers no matter who wrote it, a cost-efficient way to deliver that content to the reader and an innovative strategic vision to drive the business engine.  Entrepreneurs to the rescue!

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