Tectonic Shifts in Digital Media

By Eleanor Haas “Tectonic” – pertaining to changes in the earth’s crust.  “Tectonic shift” was something George Kliavkoff said at least three times in… Read More

Then and Now

By Eleanor Haas A friend’s astrologer reported that the heavens are aligned the way they were at the time of the American and French… Read More

But the World Goes ‘Round

Music by John Kander.  Lyrics by Fred Ebb. Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad But the world goes 'round Sometimes you lose every nickel… Read More

Political Haste Makes Fiscal Waste

By Eleanor Haas “Without government help” is how Wells Fargo snatched Wachovia from under Citigroup’s nose just four days after an oral agreement of… Read More

Armageddon or Opportunity?

By Eleanor Haas Yes, this is a major inflection point, a revolutionary change from one economy to another.  Ever the optimist, I see radical… Read More

Whither Wikis?

By Eleanor Haas Wikis, those indispensable reference resources – Web sites where anyone can add or update content – are still “cutting edge social… Read More