We Help Innovators Create and Communicate New value

We Help Innovators

Create and Communicate New Value

Messaging determines what people think. The IP landscape reveals competitive threats for years to come. Market research defines the real world.  These then are focal points for The Calyx Group in working with innovators to make their new ideas actionable.

Clients learn how to use messaging and communication so that people understand and favor their brands; to use IP and market research to improve profits and valuation by choosing the right strategic direction, and to use strategic partnering to expand their businesses cost-effectively.

  • Entrepreneurs developing innovative technologies work more productively with insightful messaging, funding research and focused commercialization planning.
  • Early stage companies can market more effectively to investors when they tell persuasive stories in one-page executive summaries, elevator pitches and investor decks, when they model their financials rationally, and when their personal delivery style inspires enthusiasm.
  • Mature and early companies alike benefit from:
    • Thought leadership and social media programs that build awareness, understanding and image
    • Brand strategy development that  defines the identity they want to imprint.
    • IP as a business strategy, the new basis for business and product development, that optimizes differentiation for the benefit of sales, customer acquisition and distribution, among other things.
    • Market studies that justify the strategic direction for product development, communications, marketing and branding.
    • Strategic partnering that has been thoroughly researched and planned.

The Calyx Group, a consultancy that makes innovation actionable, was founded in 2000 by Eleanor Haas. Clients range in size from start-ups to global leaders across diverse industries – including technology, health sciences, financial services, marketing services and publishing.  Why not send me an email today?  We’ll find a date to talk about your business: improving its profitability and valuation, and/or expanding it cost-effectively.