Insightful Solutions

Insightful Solutions


The Calyx Group accelerates growth and funding for innovators and their teams.

Since 2000, we’ve provided the leaders of both emerging and established enterprises with fresh thinking and actionable initiatives.  For example:

  • We enable you to create long-term value from your markets with a one-two punch: content marketing to build name recognition and awareness and customer relationship marketing to drive sales.
  • When funding is the issue, we give you the groundwork and tools to capitalize on the full range of options – angel investors, VCs, nondilutive funding sources and crowd-funding.
  • Your product development, marketing strategies and sales benefit when we mobilize your intellectual property as a business tool and competitive weapon.

We apply proprietary methods and know-how based on many years of experience to optimizing original concepts as the basis for building high-growth businesses.

We work collaboratively, offering expertise, proprietary ThinkTools and hands-on learning to enhance clients’ skills as part of work in progress.

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