Insightful Solutions

Insightful Solutions

The Calyx Group advises innovators and their teams on revenue and funding strategies and initiatives.

Our specialty is new ideas – innovation.  We apply proprietary methods and know-how based on many years of experience to optimizing original concepts as the basis for building high-growth businesses. We produce value cost-effectively.

Our clients are both early stage and established businesses seeking fresh thinking, actionable initiatives and rapid results.

Our services include a full range of business and marketing services plus development of both non-dilutive and investor funding roadmaps and materials. and, in association with independent IP and patent attorneys, IP planning, procurement and management.

We work collaboratively, offering expertise, proprietary ThinkTools and hands-on learning to enhance clients’ skills as part of work in progress.  We also offer training to individuals and small groups.  We pull multiple disparate pieces together.

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